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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Learning to Fly Can Be Hard At Times

Inline image 1Beloved family,
We are ONE entity, if one hurts we all hurt if one cries we all cry. Together on the web of life. Carry the idea of separation and we are all separated. I am white buffalo calf woman and she is I and you, happy to have a sister so true...

"We" the objective.... won't you all come play with me/we.. The diversity of gifts is for all to share mother, father, sister, brother all there. One family under the sun by who's rule, that day is now done. Sibling rivalry ancient survival pangs, beware the truth when its dressed up as the lamb. Now is not the time to be discussing who's right this will reveal itself, when we take flight. Love is the Law "we" is the way, to find ourselves in the light of a new day. Blessings family and all who collide, learning to fly can be hard at times....:)

Divine Night Sky

Posted by Dianne Davies, a blue child, to "TWIN DEER MOTHER" White Buffalo Calf Woman at September 19, 2012 at 11:52 PM

Love, love lives in the breeze. Hope and harmony. That's what we sing. Leap in the winds of time with me. Show me just exactly how to bend, to provide, for all my relatives alive. I must sail my soul that resides. I must gift my heart upon this hide, where the buffalo run upon those fields. Running over the tundra that makes it feel real. And witness that is my claim. I can see the rising sun, the garden green. Let salvation shine within me. I will hold that sacred key. When we share our hearts away. Let us become cherished and cared.............for........ by everyone. We are all sacred suns. We are shining true, when love flows out of you. No matter what they say, only bend to loving rays. We are witness of delight, when we get our sacred sight, because we pray. Bless our fears away. Then we feel safe. WE know our way. Shine on me true, love is the k/news. Just begin, start to sing again. Let your feet dance on and shine inside of you a song. And let it out, then we will know about the pout.

Let us cry it on out. Let us share this way. Let us begin the holy gospel praise. And with divine percussion, let the sun shine in. We are all just children to let us begin. We are token of love every day we save up, to shine a better day. A better way. We are longing to feel the comfort in the breeze. We are longing to provide, the sacred rolling tribes. And together we are known, the foreboden (
to warn of; in advance) sacred suns. Because we will defend every life, because MOTHER EARTH tells us why, LOVE is the TRUE BLUE. LOVE IS THE TRUE. Love is the true blue. Love is the knews. We are going to become children again singing and dancing in the winds. Together we'll have treasures to help us begin. We are longing to begin. We are wanting a new way. We are choosing other destinies. WE are sacred paved. There is nothing that will stop this heartbeat. Nothing that will sing our songs, unless we share our treasures, why knot let it out. Sing and shout. CRY it out. Tell the world you are anger. At everything they did. Tell them it's going to be better, when love acts like it should. Tell them we are moving together, to logistically find a way. Then (them), we are the children Heaven sent to EARTH to pave.

We are the chosen children, when we choose loving rays. WE are moving towards the mission of what we need to say. Cry it out in a vision, when you are in a dance and song. Let your feet keep moving, just to make the hills move along. And when you are tired, and think you are lonely, reach out and find your relatives there. They will know if you need comfort, the waves that help us share. All the shores will be our brothers. Sisters will set their plates. And magic will be our sails forever, because it's not too late. Live in a song forever, then you will start to feel free. Send all those prayers in the whethers (decisions we make every day), then we will find harmony.

Sending my love in the breeze. White Buffalo Calf Woman hear standing near. Twin Deer Mother on my wave always in a sway, moving to and fro, dancing singing that the growth. And I mean this in a literal wave, so get up and dance with me today!
Turtle Drum I hear the sacred suns.

Hey, hey, hay, along the waves. White Buffalo Calf Woman singing for you today. And with this rave, the holy paved, we dance along the mystical rays. Twin Deer Mother dancing in the sun, waking up everything that seems gone wrong. Love will choose us, yes indeed. We must choose to believe. Come and sing and dance with me, all of my FAMILY. I bow and send blessings to all your fears. Love is the sacred wheel. Roll it on over and forgive, the lesson will show wisdom in the end!

Gifted by Please help sponsor the Elders and Warriors continue service through Angel Services and the Great Give-a-way. We bless you through and through. Angels working to help you locally and around the world.

Join us at Hoop 6 (Stepping Stone) - Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)! "I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

All our Relatives, Please, Please join Us
in the Holy Ghost Walk, Gathering in Homes!
New  moon Schedule
January 1, 2014 Dawning with the Suns
January 30, 2014
March 1, 2014
March 30, 2014
April 29, 2014
May 28, 2014
June 27, 2014
July 26, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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December 22, 2014

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon.
 From the darkness we arise a heavenly child, a divine light from within.

Image of a beaming field by Grandmother Upon the Hill, a gray child, 
streaming stones among the mountain tones and buried bones,
 the Suns are born (children of the rainbow clan, all our relatives, the spacial fields). 

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan,  

You and you and you and you and me too. We have entered the Dawning (re/birthing). We start to flow where it's the spiritual growth, the Great Push (January 1, 2014) has begun. We need you to share and shine, to bring in wine, tears divine. We send greetings and blessings as we join together in this dance, the Holy Ghost, the Spiritual toast, we greet you to the sky and back to the why, where we say, forgiveness is treasures, let joy overcome. Tonight it's a way to let love under ONE. We cherish this world, because we are SUNS, each child, each enemy, each parent with a child. All the the little creatures, the rocks and the sticks. All the little varmints (rats, social interrogatory) which pick up the holy wicks (spat, now let's go to work), sparking the willing to have faith in a song, where are all together, moving along. We send blessings in this song. Let your hair down, sing and dance abound. For it's the spiritual soul within that leads and says, Holy to my Spirit, for I am going to bloom. I will share with this world. I will shine until NOON (inner brightest like a Star). We will become treasures when we pray along, together in a song, all together God's ONE. All the little spiders, who weave us to cradle the song. Telling us a story, that look out, watch the bones. There planted deeply a treasure under the stone, if we look closer, we might want to shown, love gifts and hooves (kicks and shoves, like parents on a rug).
 Bowing with all our Relatives, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World
Image by Aunt Seasons That Sing, Silver Child
Paradise gleams, the field in the trees, dew in the breeze!

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman sings

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