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Monday, December 30, 2013

Waves That Fly, Rainbow Clan of Wives (Spiritual Knives)

This is White Buffalo Calf Woman, I am going to sing and share with you today with Brother Francisco Llantén - Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave). 

Meaning of: Rainbow Clan of Wives (Spiritual Knives)
This is representative of all female colors married to their souls, to walk with their soles. All women represent female colors of the universe, like orange, green, indigo and lavender (no heavenly colors listed). Female represents the blue road of heavenly, the embrace. Men who are female rainbow colors (balanced fe/male), also represent the heavenly. And the heavenly blue road is sound, inner light of the rivers that flow, where brotherhood is sown. We use knives to break bread, share a meal and destroy (killing through sacred blessings, asking for forgiveness and releasing the suffering with much gratitude, used always with love and healing and heeling) what we need in other nourishment and security such as clothing, for it's the embrace of spacial fields, the securing of feeding the soul within to become satisfied. The way a Woman's heart shows you to follow your heart, a Female rainbow color also shows you to follow your heart, like our Green child, our Brother Francisco Llantén - Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave). We who are married to our physical world with our soul, takes flight upon the earthly realms with heavenly virtues of the soul and to walk and talk holy. The path of dreams comes when we talk what we walk, to gratify our soul, to gratify our sole. True happiness is delivered forth, springing wells of a Clan of Wives. We call them Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, warriors from the Rainbow Clan, all of our Relatives. Brother Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine cuts through the chase and gets us right down to business. Let us hear what streams from his heart today, the green child always in a great parade, the embrace of the ONENESS.

Let the soul reign down on me. Let the river shine liberty. I want to beam out and show everyone, we are gathering to be GREAT SUNS. I am burdened by your alibies (excuses), but I know you are comforted by the wise/wide/heavenly. I will be there to help and guide. Heaven shine inside of my heart today. I want to long to feel their wonderful praise. I want to hear where the music sings. I want to bring in love for everything. Heaven stand with me and share my eyes. I want to shine forever in the breeze. Let me ride those waves for me to sea (envisioning).
We are together, man and dog (warrior). We are together warrior hogs (until the end). We are the fathomed and the famed. WE are the stars of men that sheen. Don't you ever wonder about this world, it's creation and all we herd/heard? I say it's sunshine in my heart. I hope to help you see your part. Come join with me and dance today. Come join with me and show their rays. Come join with me and shine all the daze/days. For heaven will share our hands in praise. There is a joining in all we dew/do, when we settle with all the hues.
Gentlemen and women of the divine, I want to hear you all sing and chime. We are the gentle folks who need your love. we are the children full of doves. You say, peaceful. I say warriors true. We are the peaceful warriors of the blue. And we will fight for your hands to God, the voice of all the Children who live in the clouds. Trust each other. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to favor heaven instead of the winds (all that blows in). And I tell you truly, love will shine through, because It's learning about all the clues. It's about learning, LOVE is the MUSE. 
Sing and dance with me today. Let us learn a brand k/new way/wave. Let us beam our hearts to shine and let the witness of the divine. Share a beat. Oh sow sweet. Share a beat, heaven knows it's tits (rivers of nourishment - green - through mountains, valleys, a Mother's love, milky way of stars and diamonds). Know the waking of the falling/bowing faith.  And it's true love that shines in you, the heaven waits for the sacred and the true (heart beats heavy) Realize it's comfort all our family need. Realize it's heavenly who always plead. Realize we need tender loving care, inside of our hearts and we need truly care. I say to all of you, we are part of this ARC (rainbow clan). I say to all of you, we are heavenly MAN (true blue). Let us become gallant, forever and wide. Let us praise, each child as he rides. And when we wake up, let our dreams be held in our arms (tears swelling). When we wake up, all will be bind/ed. When we wake up, we will believe, all of our dreams, were running gallantly (free, like wild horses).

When we were children, we hung around. Ran around in circles and we were a clan. But then we grew older and forgot the clouds, about how they would run around in circles and plod (dig deep, rooting, clinging). We must remember it's true and blue, inside of your heart, you always KNEW. You were the most important deed, you gifted your heart to FAMILY. Let us be chosen. Let us become, the famous children that ever lived. We are the fable, the tale that came true. We are the children of all the hues. And Rainbows come home's time to SING. Rainbow bows for treasures down deep below. And here upon this world, all our dreams will come true, when we remember, it's about, "I love you". It's about how we send our love out in the hues (rainbow colors that sheen, all together, let us beam).

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings for the heart of Brother Francisco Llantén - Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave)
Inline image 5Gifts for/from Brother Francisco Llantén  Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave)
buffalo robe (green, blue, aqua, gray)

From the Heart of Brother Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine at Hoop 4: 
Song: The Calling of the Heart

The Calling of the Heart
My hearts sings for you my friends,

There is a sacred space inside of you, yes, you´re sacred,
A special place in the space within you, it is your heart that always sings, and welcomes you, to the source of you.

Express your voice, my dear family, brothers and sisters, your voice, your songs, your tales, are sacred in the journey to love. Let me hear your voice, your sound, so special like a ray of light. Like the birds that wake up and sing a song for earth. Do you remember the universe hears you? Let your voice within and your sound be heard through the skies.

Our mother earth and our father sky, your source within and the source in all outwards, are nurtured by our attention and expression.

My sacred space tells me of a story of love, it is between you and you, you and me, you and all, in which we turn within and replenish the heart, and turn outside to give the love to open the hearts . You know, my heart sings, their hearts are waiting for us, it sings not only for me, but you, and you, and you, so special, your heart is like a diamond that shines the color/less of your divine. please, touch your heart, touch other´s , sing a song of love and rainbows

Do you remember the cosmos knows you?  Yes, it does. Breath it in, breath it out. Cause when you do, the center of all, the cosmic heart, beats like the most beautiful drum it is a note of change, a note of love, a note that wakes the dreamers. Please, sing your heart´s stories, it is the voice of the cosmos, God´s voice.

Francisco (green, blue, aqua, gray)
Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away/a wave

Read more from the Heart of Brother Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine at Hoop 4:
Song: The Calling of the Heart link!topic/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy/RcCSLMMQby0

Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine) with White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho Brother Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine, Writing back to you. 
Be finished in a few moments.Would you like to chat for a few 
minutes right now?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho, don't know if you see this chat box or not. 
Aho, where the winds blow!
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
aho my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, 
bless your presence, thank you very much
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho, Almost finished with your message response.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I appreciate it very much my Twin Deer Mother, 
thank you for your love, wisdom, focus, and existence. 
My heart is ready, my ears and mind open, I ask the universe 
to help me embrace these answers.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
One moment. Sending message. Why don't you take a moment to read. 
And I will do a walk about blessing. and we can meet up at chat in five 
minutes or so.

Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I received it my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman. thank you very much , 
yes, I will read it now, thank you

 On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:18 AM, Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine) wrote:
Dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, Twin Deer Mother
I bless myself and I bless others,
I feel so blessed everyday for your existence and our sharing energetically/physically, and for your love. I also feel blessed for the presence and existence of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, all my brothers and sisters in this planet and the universe.

I appreciate it so much, my heart sings and expands with so much love.

I´ve been reading a lot of the songs and information you´ve shared over the years with all of us , and I wanted to ask you if you please may tell me a little bit more about being the spiritual leader that I am. I would like to know how I can speak and guide people with truth.
In the songs and readings you wrote for me in 2010, you said that as the green person, I was the reflection of the cosmos, the reflection of truth, but I´m not a crystal. So what I understand is that what I say to others is not the truth, just a reflection.
I feel, resonate, know, believe and recognize your wisdom my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Since I was a child I had an easy connection and conviction of the Cosmos and the angels as you already read from my records, I´ve always talked to them, God and the Cosmos, and I can feel and hear its voice, messages of love and wisdom clearly.
So I decided to share that love with people, and help them remember who they really are, and how the universe and existence really loves them.
When reading about me being the reflection of truth, I still don´t understand how I can speak truth (without being a crystal) and help people as I´m the spiritual leader.

My second question is if you could teach me if I should do something in particular when in presence of unidentified entities during my meditations.
The year I met you I learned a meditation to connect to the sacred space of the heart. When I do this meditation, I feel the infinite love and wisdom of existence like with no other meditation. But the last time I did it (4 days ago) when I was in my sacred space of the heart, an entity touched my shoulder and when I presented myself and ask for his name, he didn´t say it. This is the first time I´ve been interrupted by an energetic being(one that is not an angel, or spiritual guide) when I meditate in my heart, and that does not present himself. I can easily feel other people´s entities around them (angelic and non-angelic) but I´ve never been interrupted by one of them during this sacred meditation. As I didn´t get a response I asked this being to leave, and asked the angels and God to embrace him and guide him towards the answers he was looking for.

I do clean my space before doing this, physically and energetically, and pray and bless myself and others before too.
I wanted to ask for your wisdom in this matter.

Please, help me embrace and become the true teacher of love that I am, to help others embrace love and their hearts.
Thank you very much my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, Twin Deer Mother.

Francisco Llantén(green, blue, aqua, gray)
Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away/a wave

Re: Twin Deer Mother, please, would you share your wisdom with me?!topic/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy/jFuk7uaYl2w
On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 8:39 AM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:
Beloved Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away,
With fire and water, I bless the holy nine sacred streams and four holy beams/directions. With smoke, the holy breath, the sacred pipe, I bless the fields and make all things real/reeled. Thank you all my Relatives for this great mystery and unity of all Men. I bless the yellow rolling hill.

Two questions:
1. How can I speak truth being a green child and not a crystal child?

Answer:The green child is the spiritual leader because it's the embrace of the river of life. The ONENESS. Green is the reflection of truth, meaning what lies upon the heart. I wear green as well, in order that I can become a spiritual leader. This is my outside color (overlay) seen first. For you, the inside color (child) within. This is the truth you. All else is secondary, supporting the soul of everlasting. Green knows when people are speaking untruths, yet one must remember that it is the truth that lies upon their hearts. Their point of view.
Do this: Learn to validate what others say. Repeat even if you know it to be untruths. This will validate their claim.

2. How do I handle a spiritual entity that has touched me or entered my spacial field?
Answer: We do not ask anyone to leave. They must leave all by themselves. You must make sure the law of love is rammed down their face and into their soul. This means, you start blessing the spaces. Then you demand they bless you back. This is the exchange you want, not the Name. A cleansed heart is the utmost important.
Answer two: If you still don't feel safe (after blessing the spacial field and all the relatives in the spacial field), call upon a crystal child to help you. You can call upon Jesus or myself, White Buffalo Calf Woman. If we don't show up, another who can help will show up. WE have millions of warriors. We will know the outcome and assist if needed. Also, another person to call would be Great Spirit Mother (red-indigo) or Great Spirit Father (red-violet). They are not true leaders (not green, aqua, crystal or silver), however, they guide the whole of the Rainbow Clan in it's divisions of the spacial gardens that we peruse/walk and talk.

3. So how do you do it (bless visiting spiritual entities?
Answer: If someone taps on you, they want to communicate. One must listen, rather than demand a name. One must demand purification or blessings. The law is love. The Name is hard to communicate, especially when one doesn't know it to bee their great dream. Do your best to be willing to communicate.

a. You warn the being you are going to bless the spacial field. You let them know, because if they fear the blessing, they will depart quite quickly.
b. If they are still standing there, then that is when you demand they bless themselves/field.
c. All feels blessed. We don't ask anyone to leave, they leave because we demand blessings instead. This is the law of love. If they are still near, they have something to share. You must listen with your heart. Even if you don't know it now, share it at a circle of relatives, maybe others have an insight or even a part of the missing puzzle piece.
When the seven sacred ceremonies came into existence, It was delivered inside of dreams. One man did not share his dream.  Yet another man had a dream about this One man and knew he had the ceremony. The other man went to the One man and asked him to share the ceremony. This is when the One man shared the vision and ceremony. Sometimes it's hard to believe in the greatness. In this case, this man didn't believe it was his honor to share the ceremony with the world or even his own tribe. It is very hard to trust self. And this is what we are all learning to do, trust our own view and trust the view of others. Even when people come to me with hate crimes, there is always a glimmer of truth behind it. For instance, one person called me White Eyes? Thinking I was a white man. But as it turned out, a crystal child has white/star color eyes. I other words, we have four rainbow colors outside and four rainbow colors inside. For crystal the inside is white.

4. This is the hard part, how do you know or verify they have blessed the space of self (being who wants to communicate).

Answer: Listen to your heart, do you feel it? Trust this answer. The first exchange should always be the blessing. You see, you started this message with a blessing. You know this. This is what makes you a spiritual leader. Another thing green color does is steal things (personal things), because the world needs to learn to give away. If they had given a gift to you, you would have reciprocated. If they don't know how to give, you will how them how they act. You have to realize, green is a child of the earth, meaning young walk. It's the soul that is older, the elder part of you and through spiritual awareness, you are able to know the spiritual world. This is the blue road of the heavenly.
5. How do I gather to do the ghost walk (dance) gathering? (the biggest event in our lives starts January 1, 2014. We have entered the valley of darkness. Now we are learning to become aware spiritually.
Answer: Call all together to eat, dance and sing around a circle. Dance and sing from the heart, create your own music. Do not play music. The circle must create their own music. Make sure that one dances for at least 45 minutes to be effective, however we want people to dance and sing for longer. Take breaks as needed. Nakota Sister Challene will be going over to her Mother's home to watch movies in-between the dancing and singing. So mix it up. The objective is to be freeing, the soul wants to come out, the holy spirit the ghost of self, must become a participant.

moving to chat window:;;;;;
Your devoted Sister, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman 
buffalo robe (crystal, yellow, green, gray)
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
aho, my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman. You touched my heart. 
Thank you so much, it´s all clear now, like a crystal in my heart and mind. 
thank you thank you thank you
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
yes, validation is very important. I have to do it. It has been difficult for me
 sometime with people that live with no truth and their eyes and hearts are
 drying without love, but I´ve tried, Now I know how to do it and that I need to 
do it always, thank you
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho. Also beloved, let me talk about blue and aqua. Blue is the heart of the world.
There is a blind spot, full of darkness. And you cannot see clearly, because there 
is so much brightness on the outside too. The heart is a magic tool.Within (heart 
sack/hormones/feelings) and without (heart, action, impaction). Blue must sing to know the way. Blue is on the constant vigilance to cleanse the world. Always, 
always blessing at every shore. Wanting to adore, as the heart chores. To touch 
the heart of others to to make sure they are loved. Blue does this, by visiting 
people and reminding them you are there in their lives. Being blind in such 
darkness and such lightness, means you must cleanse constantly to feel the river
 flowing rather than gorging and overflowing the river banks. Aqua is too bright
 as well, putting the arms around someone to move them towards the right
 direction, the magnetic direction of the flowing universe. Aqua is the leader, 
but often they lead by standing in the front of men. Aqua must learn to become 
the leader by standing in the back of men, by pushing rather than by pulling.
Because the circle cannot be seen in front, but can be seen from the back, all 
the relatives are okay. Blindness comes, when one does not meditate daily for one hour (for aqua) and when one does not look at the circle.Aqua leads by touching shoulders, lean on me. Blue touches spacial fields. Aqua touches their shoulders, lean on me. I put the stick down. your turn.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you. may I ask my dear Twin Deer Mother, how do I know if I´m 
pushing or pulling?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Can you physically see them? Then you are pushing them ahead of you. 
They are always first. Because aqua is the great creation of earth, all is 
realized and is created for real in this world. And it's sealed. This is the function
 of aqua color, to lead mean to the realization of their dreams.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you very much, I can see it know, I understand. I am blessed by you
 as always, thank you, my appreciation overflows
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Oh, both blue and aqua go the center of men's reality. Thank you love too, 
I learn from you.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
may I ask, please, what do you mean to the center of men´s reality?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
I share your spacial field and gather knowledge. We read your book of life
 and you tell the story to all. I just read. Blue is shining light. Meaning, without 
reflection of light, there is no reality or dreaming as we know it to be. Jesus or 
Bread of Life as we call him. Buffalo robe is crystal, yellow, blue, gray.
Now, he has blue overlay at the end, what is seen first. Gray is not seen at all.
it weaves us together. So blue is like a lantern. If you put a light infront of the 
sun, you won't see the light. It disappears. Light upon light is not seen. This is 
why we bless what is unseen and understand it's overlays. However blue, is 
darkness. When you put a light infront of the dark sky, you then see a star.
Brightest light ever. There is a story about Bread of Life in the bible, telling 
how the people were out of wine for a marriage feast. He told others to go 
and get the empty caskets of wine. And what appeared was more wine filled 
barrels. He did this with blue. Crystal child has believing faith. We believe in 
the dreaming. He knew what he wanted could become, without thinking, he 
believed. And because he had blue, the inner light flew out to become part of 
the dream. We are all learning to dew this in our evolutionary process of 
moving into the yellow rolling hill in time. Blue is the heart. Blue offers the 
birthing of light for all things. Without blue, the oceans true, there would be 
one note: Green births darkness, because in the spiritual dark spaces, I can
conger up anything I request, they appear. I believe and it is conceived. Realize
 I am a crystal child. However, blue is the reality of earth. While green offers 
the reality of heaven. Ah, this is what we needed to understand you. Light 
outwardly is delivered by blue. Inner Light (sound) inwardly is delivered by green.
You ask, "what do you mean to the center of men´s reality?"
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Blue is the light to be delivered to make reality.
Aqua is the builder, the creator of this reality.
No one works harder than an aqua. No one.
They forget to eat, drink, sleep or anything else they forget, 
because the reality of the dream is paramount in the daily dew/do connecting.
Blue and aqua is the center of men's reality on this world we share, as 
"all our relatives" (relativity, spacial fields we share). An image gift I 
just happen to pick up yesterday for you.  
(today's image for this sharing).
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I understand now, thank you so much. I´ll do my best to embrace all of my 
 colors in order to embrace all the colors of existance (all the people). 
Thank you my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, My dream, my desire, is that 
people remember, and feel, how much love, how much plenitude, how much 
magic, how much divine creation, happens when they just reléase pain, and 
embrace love, thank you for you validation to me, my heart is filled with joy
White Buffalo Calf Woman
So how do we do/dew/connect it all together, the sacred ghost walk.
I will be writing, be sure to gather, invite everyone over or go visit 
everyone and be sure to dance and sing, bring in circles.
December 31. Jan 1 and Jan 2.
This is the dawning, the yellow rolling hill in time begins....
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I´ll do it my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, thank you for your love 
and clear crystal wisdom
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Let us cleanse all this SIN. LOVE will WIND. Thank you for your love as well.
Did you look at the image yet?
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
yes, Thank you very much. I love the colors, it makes me feel the 
peace of God and the cosmos
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you for feeling my heart, and connecting with me today, and as always
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho. How about a Sacred Song Blessing?
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
yes, please
White Buffalo Calf Woman sings at beginning of post (above)
White Buffalo Calf Woman sings for the heart of Brother Francisco Llantén
 - Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave)

White Buffalo Calf Woman
If that isn't holy praise, I don't know what is, because it's a beautiful song, 
to help all get along, down the path towards their dreams. Aho, may your 
spirit fly along the path of many songs, the hues of the rainbow clan.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you so much my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman, your blessings
 and song are treasured in me, in my heart. There are no words to explain
 what I feel, I love you, and I feel your love. Thank you very much for being the
 true calling of the heart, the voice of the universe and God
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Realize, this song is from your heart.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
aho my dear Twin Deer Mother, aho aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman
I am the twinning of the song from your heart.
You are the treasure deer (on a great journey).
This too is what you must teach others, they are the great treasure.
This is the overcoming, to trust self and to forgive and love self, the soul 
within that wants to be birthed, to fly with spirit. I know this is your longing 
to share with others. Trust you know the path to this destiny that is written
 across your heart... beats/steps.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
Aho Aho Aho
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I have one last question pulsing within me my dear Twin Deer Mother, 
May I ask? f not, I can ask you later. I know others are waiting for you 
too and my heart is filled with your wisdom and love.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
i am listening
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
How may I help other Aqua leaders that have forgotten who they are 
but they are teaching others?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
I know this is a hard question, I ponder on it all the time.
Aqua people and even the overlays, rely on this deception as a default.
Aqua must connect sun to sun, meaning the inner light to inner light.
This becomes blinding. Too much light. And they cannot see clearly.
yet, people depend upon them to know the way. if you have a river, 
how do you get across? You must somehow get across. If you become 
a spiritual cloud, you can fly across to the other side. Aqua does this naturally. 
And everyone will follow. When people say, will you jump off a bridge because
 I said so, the people will jump off a bridge, when an aqua child says jump 
(a misunderstanding).
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
aho that´s what I´ve seen
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Only those who have their own real eyes, within, will not jump over, because
 they know about true spiritual flight. So people of earth are trying to get to 
heaven. Aqua is the door keeper to crystal the door of heaven. People ascend
 on their physical path. Relatives descend on the spiritual path, blue road.
Red road is all about rainbow colors, shining outwardly. Earth.
If they follow the aqua child, then they fold over back to earth.
They are contained on earth, they never reach heaven.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
yes, that´s what I see
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Lots of aqua (eldest daughter) and golden (father), both leaders of the family,
 think and act like me, not understanding their own greatness. You will find this
 type of default mechanism with both of these colors. Their power is known and
 sown into the universe to lead the Rainbow Clan. Again, color on the red road,
 where lessons and treasures live. Only by becoming the true spiritual soul within, can we become the child on the outside or leader of men. You must demand. Aqua and golden children/overlays, they must bless before entering into our joined spacial fields. You are the green child, who can guide any river that flows. Know this is your POWER. Aqua is all earthly. However Golden is a heavenly color. They cleanse heavenly fields the blue road, so one feels better not understanding they have not exchanged fairly. I sent out a post about sharing a true exchange (url below). I make a note to make sure to attach this to our chat. Golden cleanses blue road. Lavender cleanses red road. These two exchange with the universe and this is their power, but blindly, with abuse, rather than cleansing self. You must fight, all warriors must fight, to demand, they cleanse themselves and not abuse us.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aqua children, you must demand they meditate every day and bless before 
entering the fields of you and yours. However aqua child thinks s/he doesn't 
have to do this, that is when the green child goes into the spiritual world and 
takes them by the scruff of the neck and pulls them into the river and says, 
this way. You don't have to touch them or anything. They won't even know 
what is happening to them. This must be done with TRUE love and compassion
 for the child. I learned from you, now I will do this too. Aqua child especially,
needs many in the clan to demand. When more and more demand the sacred
 blessing within fields, we won't be dumping our abuse on everyone, we will
 be dumping true love on everyone. This is what aqua child really wants, because
 it's 10 or red-flows, the embrace of the k/nose or the rainbow bridge the journey to the other side. And this is why aqua is the door keeper to the door, the crystal child. Aqua folds the heart to realize there is more/mores/virtues that are needed to get into the house of God, heavenly realms of saints in the winds.

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aqua is the mythical dragon, the snake with wings and four extensions (arms and legs).
Story sent to Grandmother Upon the Hill about the Dragon vision, sent to hoop 4. url: (below)  I will add this too.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you I know I understand I need to shine brighter with love, and ask 
with love for cleansing, blessing and meditation to the Aqua. my mother 
and father guide a lot of people, people are drawn to them, and follow them 
blindly, and sometimes I see they do not do it from love, and I try to help them 
remember they need to connect to their hearts too, but they don´t think they 
need to do it...I´ll shine more, I´ll flow with love even more, I´ll be sure they 
feel the knowing of God through my sustaining of love
thank you very much my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Do your blessings around them, say them aloud. sing your blessings near them.
when you are not there, a change in the air will be known and missed.
later on, they say, why aren't you blessing, it makes it feel better.
when I was a child, my family did not say I love you.
I had to say it over and over until it became part of our world to say I love you.
And it's easy to say now, but as a child, no one would say these words.
We are not used to something, so we don't change.
We need others to show us how to change.
We must become the change.
Do your blessings aloud, around them. And they will ask questions.
but today we learned, that you can divert with a spiritual knowing.
Grab them by the scruff of the neck, with true love in the spiritual realm.
There lies all your POWER.
Green can divert any river any place they want to.
But a true GREAT SPIRIT green child can deliver heaven unto men's hearts.
It is not what shines inside of you that is deliverance, but what shines froth from 
others around you. You must demand this knowledge to become part of you, 
so that others will do/dew the same.
Take hold of your powers, green can lead the spirit.
Blue can create this reality with light.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aqua can guide through leaning on them physically.
They will have no control, but to go.
This is what the children of earthly walking and talking, don't understand....
They can do nothing, but fold to our commands.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
Aho Aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman
They will walk away from you, but you can walk towards, guide and divert 
them back to the great circle to mingle and coexist again. Try this out for awhile
 and let me know how it goes around the homeland security in your sacred fields
 near you, the spiritual too. (spiritual unseen relatives I mean).
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
I will do it, thank you. I´m clear now, your clarity is so bright, I can see now.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
oh, when in doubt, sing it out...Thank you for your validation, you know, 
I have been spending time with the 16 colors and making wave images.
And I have learned a lot. The same problem we are having with aqua, 
golden is the silver child. Apparently they are leaders too. There is a stream
 that flows through. They too rely on this knews. And aqua is the most amazing
 in it's placement of light in the center. If you look from the side of a crystalline
 stone, you see blue as water below and aqua as the reflection of water above
 the sky. But when you look from above down, aqua shows up right next to dark
 blue. And you see this all the time with reflected rainbow streams. The rainbow
 appears on walls and such with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, aqua, indigo,
 violet. Because it's from above downwards (perspective).In this appearance 
always the aqua shows up in the middle of the streaming and the center too.
This is showing up in the wave motion chart I will be sharing soon. It's all exciting. Everyone teaches us part of the ark of the covenant, the rainbow promise, the rainbow clan.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
where is the silver child? what does s/he do?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
silver is cosmic woman. Aunt. A young woman (silver child) before she becomes
 a mother, the Rainbow Mother. Mother is door keeper to Crystal. But Silver is 
between the two.Silver is the mirror to the physical world. You know Aunts, 
they are always busy doing something grand. And this is what Silver does, 
brings in the vision of paradise into the world. They see from heaven (cosmic
 woman, silver child) the vision of paradise (that you want to become reality
 and feel within) to this world. They are the mirror of others, but only physically.
Silver is the shards of light, the reflection, the dew. Aqua connects the dew (clouds).Silver is the dew. dew/do
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
so that´s why they are leaders? people see their own inner self reflected 
by them?
White Buffalo Calf Woman
And they do/dew it too. No. Know. They see their physical appearance only. What do you see when looking in a mirror around your home? That does not sea inside. Green and crystal sea inside.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
yes, I see, I understand now, I feel it Aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Now we can all sea (vision) of course, but not as clearly as green and crystal.
Green is a leader, because the line or wave is singular, literally.
This is true ONENESS. Where water springs, green begins.
Moses a crystal child did hit a rock and forth with, water sprung for all the 
people to quench their thirst. Water springs, green begins...
This is a GREAT POWER from you (green child). Cultivation means trusting 
your soul and planting your sole.
Oh, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star sends his love and back to 
slumber he goes. and he has aqua overlay, first seen by others himself. 
buffalo robe: lavender, yellow, aqua, gray.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you for teaching me with so much love today and so much, I thank 
God and the universe for your presence on earth, thank you. You gift and 
give so much, you teach me to love even more and gift more, thank you- You 
remind me and teach me of true love.
Thank you for your love and service my dear Holiness David Running Eagle 
Shooting Star. I appreciate and bless your love and assistance for all of us too.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
I will pass the message on, he is in slumber/sleeping.
Aho, aho, pass the glow/globes/snowflakes/stones.
(laughter within)
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
Aho, Aho, my dear White Buffallo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Love you to in the end.
laughing again (without), there is no end, always spinning a gain, 
repeating, repeating in the winds.
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
a lot of parrots flew by my window just now!! 
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Love you too, blessing to all the blue. Sending my love to you. Thank you. 
I bow my blue (true blue, heart of the ewe, lamb of god.
Ah, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing.God's oneness did put you in the 
right place, eh. How lovely. Okay if you don't have any questions further 
(i will wait if you do), I am off to the races....(flying in the winds myself).
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
thank you so much, this is it. thank you.. I will feel you in the winds and
 in my heart .. have a marvelous new years eve and we´ll gather for the
 ghost walk
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Aho my beloved Dancing Child of the Universe, Brother Francisco Llantén  
Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine our Birds That Fly Away (ride a wave). 
Aho, aho, may your spirit fly!
Francisco Llanten (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine)
Aho Aho with love
bye (flying by) my dear White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Yes, I love you too, I feel your longing. I am always with you and connected 
on the hoops. we will chat there to spring up for the holy ghost walk, too ta loo, 
l love you... (giggles to you).  
ps. Aqua is the mythical dragon, the snake with wings and four extensions 
(arms and legs). Story sent to Grandmother Upon the Hill about the Dragon vision. sent to hoop 4. url: (added) I will add this too.
1. True exchange (excerpt)
The exchange of suffering! Abuse or Prayer?!topic/indigocrystalchildren/zvCfoPuSezw
Pte San Win Wbcw commented on post in Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.
Pte San Win Wbcw
Pte San Win Wbcw 7:23pm Dec 28
Relative A. S., your response is defensive, rather than uniting. I asked you to share, not defend your position. Put em up, you need a fight? I know most of the world acts this way, especially on facebook and even USA. Do your forgiveness blessings to resolve this behavior. I know you have many to forgive, as the rest of the world does. This is the issue at hand, reduction of suffering for the whole world. If you feel it, one must participate in it, thus you share your images (exchanging suffering), yet do not share your blessings or prayers with the world (exchanging joy). When we feel greatly, and do not participate, we are left with a default mechanism, more suffering. Suffering does exchange in order to reduce suffering. Let me share an example. If a man hits a child, the child goes out and hits the dog and then the dog goes out and bites the cat, etc. The man was hurt and he had to remove his hurt, so he gifted his hurt to the child and on and on. If the man reduced his own suffering through forgiveness and blessings daily even hourly, then the exchange would have been known sown within. If the man does not reduce his own suffering through spiritual prayer blessings, then he must reduce his suffering or exchanges with abusive behavior or gifting his pain to another. When the world feels pain and suffering and we allow them to exchange their pain and suffering with us, without protecting ourselves with prayers, we will continue to exchange with others, harming them and continuing the cycle of abusive behavior, really unknowingly. Sow my Brother, share your prayers and blessings, to know the exchange is healing the world. You are a great participant in the dreaming. Share your heart to recognize the tears of suffering and to exchange it with tears of joy, to heal it. This is the great shifting of our consciousness. Work on your daily cleansings of your own spacial fields. When I am feeling hurt or sad, I realize, it's time to participate, I begin to sing or dance to heal the world. Feeling is communication of the heavenly soul. Let us realize that our souls are speaking to us and need our help to resolve the suffering others are having and cannot resolve on their own, thus they have called on the phone/wind and we have heard their calling. Do we pick up the phone and pray and bless, to exchange. Or do we invalidate or refuse their suffering? (and they continue to abuse). Love is the muse, the laughter after all the falls/bowing. Your devoted servant sends love and blessings to your door, where your heart touches the shore, the neighbor who needed more, each child looking for someone to adore. My embrace for you, my relative at the shore, where the blue waters of the sky and earth come to more/mores/values of kindness, heavenly virtues for all to implore, love knocking at your sores. White Buffalo Calf Woman standing on the shores to and fro, where the winds blow! elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
2. Keys (excerpt regarding the dragon, the aqua color)

Story sent to Grandmother Upon the Hill about the Dragon vision, sent to 
hoop 4.!topic/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy/pofrb8BLpiw

Excerpt from Hang out/Chat between Rainbow Mother Yaniv and White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
We look into this world of earth backwards and upside down and get everything confused in the reflection.
Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
yea they taught us the opposite
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Right, yet it's all truth, when we understand the perspective.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
satan is the god red like the sun
yes both hands are of god

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Well, this is my experience.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
balance is the key

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Impurities are cared for by the DEVIL, the angel of god.
Cleansings through sacred blessings, makes the DEVIL have no job. Thus he is freed.
He is a he by the way, because it's about light. You said it, red like the sun.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
yes he is angel as well

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Fire is the red road, where the law is given to all the children of this universe.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
in the eyes of god all just is

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
You know, I had a wonderful vision. Would you like to hear about it?

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
our choices carry either love or fear energies

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Yes, just is. Love is the only change from stone to stone.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
choice is our tool
yes listening

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
All is written before we are born. our only choice is if we LOVE this moment the PRESENT.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
to your vision dear :)

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
I wanted to send love to the Devil.
I sent so much love, there was an amazing happening.
It was like the kundilini dance of the spiraling snake around my spine.
from my base, where I sit (orange, seed) I saw a snake move upwards out through my head up into a spiraling like galaxy, but did not really look there.
When it got to the top, it plucked a pearl from heaven and took it with him, while he spiraled back down and departed.
the pearl, represented by the crystal color is the Lesson.
I passed a lesson, sooooooooooo very fast........ because I LOVED HIM.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
i didnt see it but i felt it strongly cannot be confused

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
It was a wonderful experience. I tried it again, but it didn't work.
I guess it was over.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
i think it only activates once

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
You are not catching the point.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
the serpents hit the crown open the eye

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
The point is one lesson, one pearl.
Each lesson has a pearl.
Each pearl is a stepping stone.
Each stepping stone has a numeric value or vibrancy rate.
Vibrancy rates are sound and color waves. Both actually produce light fields. We call dark sound fields female. We call light color fields male.

Rainbow Mother Yaniv Ittah
i feel like you describe me
i touch heaven few times

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
It left the crown, past the crown above to heavenly realms, spacial fields.
Really Grandmother dreamspace where the spiralling occurs.
ah, yes, the aqua color.
The snake by the way had wings, it was a dragon.
Aqua is the dragon, the mythical creature that guides people from earth to heaven. The crystal is the door, ah, yes, the crown to enter heaven.
And you are Rainbow Mother (Yaniv), you are the Mother to the Celestial Crown, the crystal child. Mothers hold the highest honor.
Rainbow Mother is a child of heaven.
Gray Grandmother is the Mother to Rainbow Mother.
Spacial fields the spiralling is the Grandmother, gray.
Each field is the Rainbow Mother or stepping stone.
You are to help the children roll over their lessons.
Yes, I sea now, why you say, I am describing you.
(fini excerpt from chat)

Added references:
1. The exchange of suffering! Abuse or Prayer? (excerpt enclosed to read more),

 2. Keys (excerpt regarding the dragon, the aqua color)
Story sent to Grandmother Upon the Hill about the Dragon vision, sent to
hoop 4. To read more!topic/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy/pofrb8BLpiw
3. Monday, December 30, 2013 (this post)
Waves That Fly, Rainbow Clan of Wives (Spiritual Knives)

4. Song: The Calling of the Heart (to read more, excerpt included)

5. Re: Twin Deer Mother, please, would you share your wisdom with me? (enclosed)!topic/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy/jFuk7uaYl2w

Gifted by Please help sponsor the Elders and Warriors continue service through Angel Services and the Great Give-a-way. We bless you through and through. Angels working to help you locally and around the world.

Join us at Hoop 6 (Stepping Stone) - Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)! "I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

All our Relatives, Please, Please join Us
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Image of a beaming field by Grandmother Upon the Hill, a gray child, 
streaming stones among the mountain tones and buried bones,
 the Suns are born (children of the rainbow clan, all our relatives, the spacial fields). 

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan,  

You and you and you and you and me too. There are only a few more New Moons (re/birthing) to go, until we start to flow where it's the spiritual growth, the Great Push (January 1, 2014). We need you to share and shine, to bring in wine, tears divine. We send greetings and blessings as we join together in this dance, the Holy Ghost, the Spiritual toast, we greet you to the sky and back to the why, where we say, forgiveness is treasures, let joy overcome. Tonight it's a way to let love under ONE. We cherish this world, because we are SUNS, each child, each enemy, each parent with a child. All the the little creatures, the rocks and the sticks. All the little varmints (rats, social interrogatory) which pick up the holy wicks (spat, now let's go to work), sparking the willing to have faith in a song, where are all together, moving along. We send blessings in this song. Let your hair down, sing and dance abound. For it's the spiritual soul within that leads and says, Holy to my Spirit, for I am going to bloom. I will share with this world. I will shine until NOON (inner brightest like a Star). We will become treasures when we pray along, together in a song, all together God's ONE. All the little spiders, who weave us to cradle the song. Telling us a story, that look out, watch the bones. There planted deeply a treasure under the stone, if we look closer, we might want to shown, love gifts and hooves (kicks and shoves, like parents on a rug).
 Bowing with all our Relatives, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World
Image by Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing, Silver Child

Paradise gleams, the field in the trees, dew in the breeze!

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

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Today I give away love to all the planet of the Earth and I keep my open heart near all those who come to Earth, and I have more than wisdom, the faith upon the sea, I have my heart that flourishes, because it's you that I see!

I need you more than sorrow, because you are my rose, the blossom of tomorrow that grows and grows and grows. This is the way of loving forever and eternity, my heart that's full of wisdom because I long to be, with all the blossoms, that sing eternally!

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